The Progenitory Symbols

by Soul Annihilation

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released June 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Soul Annihilation Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: A Sick Compulsion
Hatred, discontented wrath
Blind obsession
Murder, sick with revenge
Resisting powerful urges to destroy

My knife
I picture carving your flesh
Your eyes
I’ll be sure to leave you blind
Is my body, but more so my mind
My misery into your life
I know
These courses of actions are immoral
And aware
This crime will cripple my life as well
By deep and festering emotions
My hatred will combust us both
Track Name: My Progenitory Symbols
A forlorn landscape
A bygone mind
Self abhorrence
A merciless conclusion
Pouring out through soundscapes
Hard-fought restoration
Cathartic purge
Disassemble the illusion
Rigorous enforcement
Mantra repetition
Sharpened psychic blades
I form new neural pathways

I sculpt and forge new consciousness

Past cacti claws
Through slithering snakes
Obstructing walls
Deeply buried roots

Finally recall
An ancient awareness
Illumination shines down upon
My progenitory symbols
My progenitory symbols

I sculpt and forge new consciousness
Track Name: Returning To The Void
I stared over the vast ocean
We’ll all evaporate
And to it’s depths return
Our atoms recycled
Symbolic of the abyss
The blackest reaches of space
The cold inhuman universe
Which will consume us all

It was then that I realized
In a gut wrenching way
Our temporality
All of your friends and all of your family
Will die
Obliterated by fundamental forces

Anguish over the ones that you love
While you still can

Almighty reactions of existence
Will take us all
Cell by cell
Track Name: Societal Deconstruction
Relative to culture
Complex mental memes
Elaborate tribalism
Corporate kings
Our modern feudal lords
Political theater
Illusion of populace rule
The media
Tell us what they want us to believe
From the day you are born
You’re assigned a culture and nation
But the day that you die
You’ll see it’s a mirage

Cyber profiles
They know everything about you
Collecting data
What do they intend to do?
For their plan to manifest

I am a collection of cells
They’ve programmed me
With a false Identity

Now a software malfunction
My mind sees through their programmed delusion

As the illusion crumbles
I refuse to play in their game
I am now a threat.
Track Name: The Gaze Of Balor
Balor, look unto this world. What do you see?

Humans abound
Flesh without content
They cling to
Empty forms
Avoiding the question
How can their lives have meaning?
Ignoring the fire
And burning all of their flesh

Ensnaring minds that wanted meaning they’ve failed to find
The best you’ll get, preoccupy your psyche till you meet your death
The reward you’ll reap, vacuous voids your soul they’ll forever keep
Your final end, you’ll have nothing to show for the life that you’ve lead

Advancing now to swallow you whole

Space between atoms
Emptiness raining in
The ones that you loved
Never did exist
Faced with mortality
Fate of you undone
The self that you cling to
A fading concept

Now face to face with the bane of life
Totality of your dreams undergo extirpation
Havoc wrecks your mind as you try to resist
Regret the life you lived as you enter obliteration
Track Name: Unevolved
Trapped in this painful stage of our long evolution
Homosapien not quite evolved enough
For it’s self made environment

Organic creatures in a digital age
Obsolete primal urges continue to subsist
Fiction like technology serving our primate brains
Technologically advanced, psychologically immature

Widespread socially constructed mental diseases
Arrogators plunder those they swore to serve
Rape the land, rape the outsiders, fuck the future

Mental allergic reactions to the world we have made ourselves